Upcoming Changes To The Travelino Blog

Hello Everyone.

I have not posted much at all on this year, as I haven’t been able to travel since March.

Unfortunately, it is very uncertain when we will be able to travel again, things are looking positive for 2021, but plans can still sadly change dramatically.

However, I have decided to transform this website, so that it will become more frequent and easier to post whist stuck at home.

First Of All. I will be posting like I used to, with aviation news and updates on the YouTube channel, which has remained frequent during the lockdowns, as well as the Instagram and Twitch account for the blog.

However this website is what started all of it, so it is not rigtht to abandon it after 2 years (on 22.12.20)

So I will he combing my three four main passions, Travel, Real World Flying, Planespotting and Flight Sim!

By adding more sectors and pages to the website, such as Aviation News, Travel, Planespotting Events and Photos, Flight Sim News & Events.

You should expect to see these changes coming in the next month at the very most.

So stay tuned for more updates!

Stay Safe.


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