1 year.

Its been 1 year since I started Travelino Blog. Wow that has flown by!

Its even more impressive to think that I started the blog at the french ski resort of Montgenevre after flying in from Manchester on a Jet2 737. Its impressive because I came to manchester to celebrate it as a random place. I forgot that this day last year was the day I flew out.

I just want to thank you for all of the support over the last year and all I can wish for is another brilliant year!

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My Thoughts On The Flybe Rebrand


In this blog post I’m going to be talking about Flybe’s rebrand.

As you may be aware Flybe is becoming Virgin Connect and this kind of annoys me. Let me explain why.

  1. Flybe was an Iconic name in Britain and it makes me feel sad that it is just becoming another airline in the virgin company.
  2. They way they are going about it annoys me. In this BBC news report you can see what Mark Anderson (The chief executive of Connect Airways) syas “we are going to be focusing on becoming europe’s most loved regional airline.” This annoys me because they are not really becoming europe’s most loved regional airline they have bought an already loved regional airline.
  3. Virgin made a regional airline called Virgin Little Red in 2015, the airline failed which makes me think that they rebranded the airline because of their failed airline.

I will miss the iconic purple livery, but we will have to see if Virgin Connect makes the airline better or completley destroys it.

Flybe to rebrand as Virgin Connect

Thank You For Reading.

Joel Travelino.

Good Bye Thomas Cook

Ahh, We loose yet another important british airline. First Monarch and now Thomas Cook. I have flown with Thomas Cook twice. The first time was back in 2015 when I flew with them from London Gatwick to Sharm El Sheikh In Egypt, and the second time from Birmingham to the horrible airport that is Grenoble in France.

Thomas cook was not just an airline. It was a travel company. In fact there is one near where I live. I used to walk past it and just look in to see the possible destinations I could go. Don’t know what will happen to it now. Probably just turn into yet another clothes shop.

It was 178 years ago that Thomas Cook first arrived on the scene. And now there gone.

Thomas cook will be missed. According to many travellers once the last flight landed all the crew started crying.

Thomas cook will be missed but for now there is just this message on the thomas cook website.

Goodbye Thomas Cook. I will keep the memories of getting to my holidays with you.

Thanks for reading.

Joel Travelino.

Flybe (operated by Blue Islands) SOU-GCI

Last month I flew with Blue Islands from Southampton to Guernsey on an ATR 72.

The food: There was a good selection of snacks and drinks on board.

The Crew: The crew were very freindly and made Jokes on the PA system as you can hear in my youtube review. One of the crew members ever asked me my thoughts on the landing and told the pilot!

The Aircraft: The aircraft was an ATR 72 and was in good condition with nice comfortable seats.

The landing: The landing was VERY HARD.

The takeoff: The takeoff almost defend me, I was seated right by the props.

Overall: My Experince with Blue Islands was great and would defiantley fly with them again.

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Travelino Blog.


Quite a while ago in may I flew with Finnair from Helsinki Vantaa To Stockholm Arlanda. The flight was alright but there was a few disappointing aspects.

The food: This was the most disappointing thing on this flight. I wanted a smoothie but they said that they did not serve smoothies on this flight. The flight was only an hour long but other airlines would have put a bit more effort into there food and drink service. The only options were Tea,Coffee,Water and Orange Juice.

The Aircraft: The aircraft was an Airbus A320 and was in incredible condition. The seats were very well designed and very comfortable.

The landing: The landing was reasonably soft.

The Takeoff: The takeoff was fast and not to steep or bumpy.

Overall: This was not the best flight I had ever been on but the aircraft was lovely.

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My Favourite Planespotting Places

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Renneisance Hotel, London Heathrow.

Image Credit Travelino Blog

This amazing hotel has incredible views for takeoff or landing 27R if it is landing on 09L then you wont see touchdown but you may see the aircraft exiting the runway.

Terminal 1,2,3 long stay carpark, London Heathrow

This car park had great views of landing on 27R. You cant see touchdown but you get an awesome view and sound of them coming over your head.

Terminal 5 buisness car park, London Heathrow.

The prices arent great but the experience is incredible for takeoff 27R and landing 09L I was planespotting here on the landing and you could smell the tyres on the landing gear. It is one of my favourite outdoor planespotting locations.

Video credit Travelino Blog

Multistorey car park, London Luton Airport.

Another great outdoor. The prices again are not the best but you can see some great shots of landing,takeoffs and taxiing. Highly Recommended.

Image credit Travelino Blog

Hampton By Hilton Hotel, London Stansted Airport.

Another great hotel. With views of the runway and the gates. Takeoff and landing both great.

Image credit Travelino Blog

Cafe Nero London Heathrow T5

This cafe has excellent views of 09l arrivals and is located in the check in hall of T5.

POD parking London Heathrow

Excellent views of 09L arrivals.

Norwegian Airlines DY4153

In may I flew with Norwegian from Stockholm Arlanda to Copenhagen. The experince was not the best.

The food: Well. They never served me any food. I dont know if they mossed us or what because they even announced they were going to serve it! Thats not ver good norwegian!

The aircraft: The aircraft was a Boeing 737 and it was in good condition.

The takeoff: The takeoff was perfect, not to steep.

The landing: The landong was acceptable but a little hard.

Overall: My experince with Norwegian was not the best and hoping I will have a better experince with them when I fly from Palma Mallorca to Gatwick.

Thank you for reading!

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