Aurigny flight GR609 02/02/19

I have just arrived at my hotel in Guernsey after flying in from London Gatwick Airport.

The Aircraft: My aircraft was an ATR 72-700 aircraft and it was in pretty good condition. The aircraft had propellers instead of jet engines which resulted in very loud noise from the engines especially when they were starting up. There was also Good legroom for a small plane.

The food: The inflight meal service was just drinks and small snacks. I only ordered a Diet Coke on this flight.

The Crew: When we booked the flight it said that it would take us 1 hour and 20 minutes to get from LGW-GCI It actually only took us 35-40 minutes and the captain announced that we were 45 minutes early! The cabin crew themselves were friendly and there was only two!

The Takeoff: The takeoff was performed well by the pilot and it was very noisy!

The Landing: The landing had a very bumpy approach and then a hard touchdown. The light on the wing of the plane flashed a lot on the approach because of all the clouds and fog.

Overall: I was fairly impressed with the service on this flight seeing as there were only 2 crew members.

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