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Welcome to Travelino Blog

My names Joel and I am an aviation and flight simulation enthusiast from Oxford.

I have always loved aircraft from a young age, and my passion has only grown since then.
I primarily create Youtube videos, (trip reports, planespotting, travel vlogs, flight simulation videos, streams, and more aviation and travel-themed content.

However I do have some other hobbies.

This website is my main hub for all of my socials and hobbies.

The main section is my Travel & Aviation Blog & Youtube Channel – Travelino Blog – In the “Flight Reviews” section, you will find all of my reviews of flights. – and in the blog section you will find travel blogs, and general updates from myself!

You can also find my Radio Presenting in the Radio tab above, I am a volunteer presenter at UpBeat Radio, and here you can listen back to my past shows.

Overall, on this site you will find, everything about me, and everything I do, so take a look