Heathrow Airport Switches Runways Due to high winds!

Hello. As you know I am currently at the rennesiance hotel London Heathrow. The rennesiance sits to the side of runway 27R at heathrow. What is meant happens at 15:00 and 6:00 is they change runways. For example. If planes were landing 27R before 15:00 then they would switch to takeoffs at 15:00. And beforeContinue reading “Heathrow Airport Switches Runways Due to high winds!”

Stormy Weather And High Winds Due to Cancel Flights At Heathrow

Hello All. I hope you are well. I am currently back at the Renaissance Hotel at London Heathrow airport. I came here due to the high wind situation there will be tommorow. But I have just found out that the high wind may be just too high. 60mph, that high. Let me go through theContinue reading “Stormy Weather And High Winds Due to Cancel Flights At Heathrow”

Naked Animal Fur Coat Protest In Madrid.

In the middle of last month I travelled to madrid. During my time there I not only tried lots of delicous food I also came across an intresting protest which involved people getting naked. The protest was against animal fur coats. The way they did the protest was by taking off all of there clothes andContinue reading “Naked Animal Fur Coat Protest In Madrid.”