My Flight Was Scheduled on a Brand New 787, but I ended up on a 27 year old Boeing 767!

 Privilege Style 767 | Operating for Air Europa | Barcelona to Madrid

Privilege style is a Spanish charter airline that operates on behalf of several bigger airlines.

They have 4 aircraft in their fleet, the Boeing 767, Boeing 777, Boeing 757 and an Airbus A321. My Air Europa flight was operated by their Boeing 767-300.

The 767 I flew on, has since been stored and is due to be replaced by an Airbus A330, which the airline has on board.

My Journey started at Barcelona El-Prat Airport, after just completing the connection process. The connection process brings you through a private security area, and right into the main terminal. The overall design is massive with high ceilings and big windows. – It features several shops, restaurants, and a duty-free zone.

The main terminal has several shops, restaurants, and a duty-free zone.

The boarding process was crazy, there were several passengers on reserve, as I imagine a previous flight got canceled. They were calling out passengers’ names who were not on reserve, and if they did not respond, they would give the seat away to a person who was on reserve.

Apparently, my name was called several times, however, I did not hear it, this could be that they were mispronouncing it, which you can not blame them for, but they were quite rude about the whole thing.

I was actually the last person to board and was rushed onto the plane, so I don’t have any good photos of the cabin or seat. I have this screenshot from my video, however, which shows the economy class cabin.

Privilege style do not have any IFE Screens on their aircraft, which is something that Air Europa does have. This was a short flight so it is not a big issue, however, if it was a longer flight, I can imagine that this would make passengers feel disappointed and angry.

There is, however, this quite old screen at the front of the economy cabin. – But it was switched off.

We pushed back, taxied, and took off into the sky.

In my video review, you can see a quick look at the toilet, however, it was too hard to get a photo or screenshot of this, it was an ordinary toilet, but maybe, as expected, a little outdated.

Sadly, there is no more to report, as there was no onboard service. It would be nice to see this onboard, and I know that Air Europa themselves do offer an onboard service.

We then landed into Madrid.

My flight with Privilege Style, was enjoyable, however, this could be because I am an AvGeek. For ordinary passengers, this would not be as enjoyable, as it is a downgrade from a Boeing 787.

Thanks for reading.

If you want a more detailed video review, you can view that here.

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