Today 22nd December 2020, marks years since the creation of this blog. And there is not much to say other than.

Almost 400 Subscribers
Almost 1000 Instagram Followers
And around 100 followers in total, from twitch, twitter and other platforms.

But most importantly, the support, comments and kind messages over these two years. Its been insane.

Stay Safe.

What I Take Planespotting

Hello everyone!

Its been a long while since I have posted on the website, So I decided to post today!

Today I am going to be talking about, what I take planespotting. I recently changed my setup and its quite alot better now!

So lets get straight into it. I will first of all list all of the equipment I take.

Main Tripod: https://amzn.to/3e9WcXK
Camera (Phone): https://bit.ly/2Y7j6tn
Small Handheld Tripod: https://amzn.to/3d5mJ7r
External Clip-on Microphone: https://amzn.to/3hxx0wI
Tripod Adaptor (Allows me to connect my phone to my main tripod) https://amzn.to/3d3eXe9
Stepladder: https://bit.ly/3d9E9Qa

So that is all my equipment, Apart from one thing, When I go planespotting in a carpark, I stand on top of my car haha!

Thats it for anyone who was wondering, If you want me to go into further detail or ask any questions, comment down below or email me : travelinoblog@gmail.com.

Stay safe,

Joel Travelino


Hello everyone, thank you for taking your time to read this post.

I will be talking about my first impressions of munich in this post.

I went to Germany at the start of this month and went to two places, Munich and Stuttgart. I spent most of my time in the amazing V8 Hotel on the outskirts of Stutgart but also visited Munich whilst I was there.

I am going to discuss some catigoreis:

Vibe, cleanliness, Busyness, food and public transport.

First the vibe: The vibe of munich was great, it was a historic city with many historic buildings, but some modern ones as well.

We went to the city centre on a Sunday, which was a great time to enjoy the sights with out the hustle and bustle of the city.

Now for the cleanliness, the city was clean, as far as cities go, there was litter and cigarets on the streets but there was no smashed glass or any signs of a party the night before as we found in Amsterdam. Most facilities, such as car parks and public toilets were kept in good cleanliness.

Busyness: Like I said earlier we were in Munich on a sunday, and like every other city on a sunday the city was quiet and you could here yourself speak, there were a couple of protests going on which made certain areas more busy than others.

Food: There was a cafe, a bar, and a restaurant on pretty much every street, how ever we most notably went to a burger place called Ruffs Burgers which had a massive ques, we decided to wait in the Que as we figured it may be a fine quality burger. And it was.

Finally for the public transport: I was only here for 1-2 hours and we mostly walked around the city, however like many cities I have been to such as, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Dublin, Munich had an excellent tram service linking the majority of the city, I can not tell you what the trams were like as I never actually rode on them.

So I hope I helped you there, thank you for reading.

Joel, Travelino Blog

Photos Of Munich:

Porsche Museum Stuttgart


Earlier today I took 2 hour and 30 minute drive from Munich Airport to the Porsche Museum in the Zuffenhausen district of Stuttgart.

The museum is located within porches main base. And is an outstanding looking building.

On first arrival it can be quite chaotic. There is a ticket desk where you can purchase parking and tickets. 3 tickets (1 adult, 2 children) and parking costed just 14€! You then are handed a touchscreen device which you can have audio and visual media as well as facts about each car displayed on.

You will then be directed to a cloakroom where you hand your coats to a staff member.

Then you head up the freakishly long and tall escalator into the main part of the museum.

Once up there is cars and thats about it..

For car fans its amazing but for me it got boring pretty fast. Im not in anyway saying its a bad place, It’s good, it’s just I’m not in to cars.

So thank you for reading.

Joel, Travelino Blog.

Dining In The Dark In Amsterdam


In this blog post I am going to discuss an experience I had last month. Whilst I was in Amsterdam I ate at a pitch black restaurant.

Let me give you a full review and discussion.

On the way into Amsterdam city centre from Schipol airport, we asked our uber driver which restaurants he recommended. He said he was not sure but he had heard about a dark restaurant.

We later found out this restaurant was called Ctaste and we did not hesitate to book a table.

Ctaste, Dineren in het donker Ingang
Image Credit: TheFork

On arrival you can not tell this hotel, is what it is. It just looks like a small family run dutch restaurant. When you get in you sit down on a sofa/bench and they discuss with you some points such as the overall experience, allergies etc.

Image result for ctaste amsterdam sofa
Image Credit: Foursquare

You then get led in by a waiter, who we believed to be visually impaired, into the darkness.

And from then on you sit at a table and struggle to eat your food.

The experience is great and I would definitely recommend booking.

Book Here (Click)

Thank You For Reading.

Joel, Travelino Blog.

Heathrow Airport Switches Runways Due to high winds!


As you know I am currently at the rennesiance hotel London Heathrow.

The rennesiance sits to the side of runway 27R at heathrow. What is meant happens at 15:00 and 6:00 is they change runways.

For example. If planes were landing 27R before 15:00 then they would switch to takeoffs at 15:00.

And before 6 they use both runways to land. So at 6:00. They change to the pre switch alternation.

Makes sense?

Well. Today is different. Today we have very high winds.

Heathrow Noise on twitter said theese comments.

So as you can see they are stating it is caused by hangars close to the end of 27R causing turbulence on landing.

I will keep you updated with anything that happens. But not much will happen between now (07:05) and when I leave (12:00)

Thank you for reading.

Joel, Travelino Blog

Stormy Weather And High Winds Due to Cancel Flights At Heathrow

Hello All. I hope you are well.

I am currently back at the Renaissance Hotel at London Heathrow airport. I came here due to the high wind situation there will be tommorow.

But I have just found out that the high wind may be just too high.

60mph, that high.

Let me go through the current cancelations:

British Airways has been affected the most. They have cancelled up to 140 flights including nine long haul round trips!

This will effect around 5000 passengers!

Other airlines have cancelled there flights such as United, KLM, Aer Lingus, and many more. Resulting in at least 24K passengers getting stranded at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Image Credit: www.windfinder.com

Take a look at the wind forecast for this weekend above. The winds will be reaching as high as 59 knots, thats 67MPH! or 109KPH!

So its know dought that the traffic at heathrow will be limited, and the small amount of flights that do go ahead will probably look something like this (below)

Video Credit: Big Jet TV

Thank you for reading.

Joel, Travelino Blog.

Naked Animal Fur Coat Protest In Madrid.

In the middle of last month I travelled to madrid.

During my time there I not only tried lots of delicous food I also came across an intresting protest which involved people getting naked.

The protest was against animal fur coats.

The way they did the protest was by taking off all of there clothes and getting coveres fake blood to show what it is like for animals.

Thats all!

Thank you for reading.

Joel. Travelino Blog.


Yesterday (25/01/20) the Boeing 777x performed its first flight.

The following footage was released from boeing.

Now lets go over some of the incredible features of the 777x.

  1. Foldable Winglets.

The winglets on the b777x will be able to fold up and down.

Folded up

Folded down.


The B777X has the brand new GE9X engines. They are the largest type in the world and generates 105,000 pounds of thrust.

3. Worlds largest twin-engine jet.

The b777x will be the worlds largest twin engine jet with a wingspan of 238 feet, 10 inches and a length of 251 feet, 9 inches.

So it will be the aircraft of the future and I hope I will be able to fly on it one day in the future.

Thank you for reading,

Joel Travelino.