Hello everyone, thank you for taking your time to read this post.

I will be talking about my first impressions of munich in this post.

I went to Germany at the start of this month and went to two places, Munich and Stuttgart. I spent most of my time in the amazing V8 Hotel on the outskirts of Stutgart but also visited Munich whilst I was there.

I am going to discuss some catigoreis:

Vibe, cleanliness, Busyness, food and public transport.

First the vibe: The vibe of munich was great, it was a historic city with many historic buildings, but some modern ones as well.

We went to the city centre on a Sunday, which was a great time to enjoy the sights with out the hustle and bustle of the city.

Now for the cleanliness, the city was clean, as far as cities go, there was litter and cigarets on the streets but there was no smashed glass or any signs of a party the night before as we found in Amsterdam. Most facilities, such as car parks and public toilets were kept in good cleanliness.

Busyness: Like I said earlier we were in Munich on a sunday, and like every other city on a sunday the city was quiet and you could here yourself speak, there were a couple of protests going on which made certain areas more busy than others.

Food: There was a cafe, a bar, and a restaurant on pretty much every street, how ever we most notably went to a burger place called Ruffs Burgers which had a massive ques, we decided to wait in the Que as we figured it may be a fine quality burger. And it was.

Finally for the public transport: I was only here for 1-2 hours and we mostly walked around the city, however like many cities I have been to such as, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Dublin, Munich had an excellent tram service linking the majority of the city, I can not tell you what the trams were like as I never actually rode on them.

So I hope I helped you there, thank you for reading.

Joel, Travelino Blog

Photos Of Munich:

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