Porsche Museum Stuttgart


Earlier today I took 2 hour and 30 minute drive from Munich Airport to the Porsche Museum in the Zuffenhausen district of Stuttgart.

The museum is located within porches main base. And is an outstanding looking building.

On first arrival it can be quite chaotic. There is a ticket desk where you can purchase parking and tickets. 3 tickets (1 adult, 2 children) and parking costed just 14€! You then are handed a touchscreen device which you can have audio and visual media as well as facts about each car displayed on.

You will then be directed to a cloakroom where you hand your coats to a staff member.

Then you head up the freakishly long and tall escalator into the main part of the museum.

Once up there is cars and thats about it..

For car fans its amazing but for me it got boring pretty fast. Im not in anyway saying its a bad place, It’s good, it’s just I’m not in to cars.

So thank you for reading.

Joel, Travelino Blog.

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