Singapore Airlines A350-900 | Milan – Barcelona

On Monday 24th October I took a flight from Milan Malpensa in Italy to Barcelona in Spain.
You would expect this flight to be with Easyjet, Vueling or Iberia – but no, this flight is with Singapore Airlines.

This route is what’s known as a fifth-freedom flight. The aircraft starts off in Singapore, flies to Milan, and then goes to Barcelona – you can fly from Singapore to Milan, or stay on to Barcelona, or in my case, just do the short hop from Milan to Barcelona.

My journey started early in the morning, in terminal 1 at Malpensa.

The airport design is quite basic, and the ceiling looks like scaffolding, however, everything is easy to find.
The airport was surprisingly quiet, and security was very quick.

The main airside area feels like a hallway the whole way through, with low ceilings and thin walkways, but it does contain several shops, bars, and restaurants!

My flight boarded from a bus gate, the boarding process was very quick, and I was soon making my way to the aircraft.

My aircraft was 9V-SMB, a 6.7-year-old Airbus A350-900 delivered brand new to Singapore Airlines in April 2016.

I was greeted by a very friendly crew and made my way through Business and Premium Economy before reaching my seat in economy.

The cabin is in a 3-3-3 layout.

I sat in 51A a standard window seat.

The aircraft was very quiet and nice onboard, the seat was very comfortable and had good legroom, as well as a very good Inflight Entertainment System with lots of Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games as well as my favourite part, the inflight map!

We were soon pushing back, and on the way to the runway for departure.

We took off into the clouds, right on time, and started our climb to cruise.

I took a walk down the cabin to the nearest toilet, which was in the middle of the cabin, it was a normal aircraft toilet but was very small.

To my surprise there was a free service of cold sandwiches and, the options were Tuna or Chicken, and I went with the Chicken.

The sandwich was actually very nice, however, it is a good job I am not a vegetarian, as there were no veggie options available!

This flight was very short, so there is not much else to say other than we descended and landed right on time.

If you want a more detailed video review of this flight, you can find it on my youtube channel.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your continuous support!

One thought on “Singapore Airlines A350-900 | Milan – Barcelona

  1. Thanks for the note about the la k of vegetarian options! That’s at least four members of your family who wouldn’t be happy.


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