Aurigny Flight GR610

On Sunday 3rd February 2019 I flew home from Guernsey With Aurigny on there Embraer 195 aircraft to London Gatwick. The service was good and the staff was quick and efficient.

The aircraft: The aircraft I flew on was an Embraer 195 it was in very good condition but the seats were in a funny position which made it uncomfortable for taller people. The aircraft was nowhere near as noisy as the ATR on Aurigny’s fleet.

The crew: There were three crew members and in my opinion worked well as a team to serve and manage the flight.

The takeoff: The takeoff was quite steep and fast, but I think the pilot did a great job!

The landing: The approach was not very bumpy, but the landing… it was very, very, very, hard!

Overall: The flight was pleasant and I would definitely recommend flying to Guernsey with aurigny. They fly from quite a few airports in the UK and around Europe. 

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