An Important Notice

Dear Travelino Readers,

As you know today I went to the Renaissance Hotel at London Heathrow airport. I recorded tons of plane spotting footage and took lots of photos of the hotel. I went planespotting at the end at a car park rather than my original plan of going bowling with my family.

On the way back I felt bad and decided to surprise my family at the bowling place. We had a great time. (Well not at the start as the machine kept breaking.)

After we finished bowling we went on some of the arcade machines. I went on a shooting game with my brother and quickly ran to the toilet and left my phone in the ride with my brother.

When I got back I completely forgot about my phone and so did my brother. We left the ride and went to do something else. As we went to leave I realised I did not have my phone and went back to look for it.

It was gone, We checked everywhere it could possibly be and then realised it had been stolen.

I was looking forward to sharing the experience with you but unfortuantley all my footage went with the phone.

I apologise for this issue and I am immensely disappointed with this.


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