Vueling Airlines VY7820

During My Paris and Barcelona trip I travelled with Vueling from Barcelona El Prat to London Gatwick. The flight was enjoyable.

The Food: The menu had many options and I ordered some olives and a Pepsi Max. The olives were nice but the gave me no way to eat them so I ended up with very greasy hands.

The Aircraft: The aircraft I flew on was an Airbus A320 and it was in good condition. I was seated in Space One which is the extra legroom seats at the very front of the aircraft.

The crew: The crew were not the friendliest as I was not greeted with very happy faces. But they did their job well.

The takeoff: The takeoff was very quick and we were in the air before I knew it.

The landing: The landing was butter! If you don’t know what that means it means that it was very smooth.

Overall: I enjoyed my flight with vueling but I personally would choose other airlines like Easy Jet or BA in the future as I have had better experiences with them in the past.

Thanks for reading!

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