Flybe (operated by Blue Islands) SOU-GCI

Last month I flew with Blue Islands from Southampton to Guernsey on an ATR 72.

The food: There was a good selection of snacks and drinks on board.

The Crew: The crew were very freindly and made Jokes on the PA system as you can hear in my youtube review. One of the crew members ever asked me my thoughts on the landing and told the pilot!

The Aircraft: The aircraft was an ATR 72 and was in good condition with nice comfortable seats.

The landing: The landing was VERY HARD.

The takeoff: The takeoff almost defend me, I was seated right by the props.

Overall: My Experince with Blue Islands was great and would defiantley fly with them again.

Thank you for reading!

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3 thoughts on “Flybe (operated by Blue Islands) SOU-GCI

    1. Ahh Awesome. Like how you have found my blog from my youtube channel. So cool to have someone commentong and enjoying my posts. Look forward to hearing your comments on future videos. Have a nice time when you fly. Joel Travelino


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