Aurigny GR609 02/02/19

I have just arrived at my hotel in Guernsey after flying in from London Gatwick with Aurigny.

The aircraft: The aircraft flew on was an ATR 72-500 and it was in pretty good condition. It had turboprops instead of Jet engines which caused a lot of noise, especially on startup and takeoff. It had pretty good legroom seeing as it is a small aircraft.

The Food: The service on this aircraft was simple. About 5 minutes after takeoff they came round and offered Hot and soft drinks as well as a light snack. I only ordered a Diet Coke. And it tasted… well… like Diet Coke!

The Crew: The crew was friendly and there were only 2 of them but they still provided brilliant service. The captain was friendly and she spoke to us before departure and before arrival.

The Takeoff: The takeoff was performed well by the pilot and was very, very loud!

The landing: The approach was very bumpy due to the high winds at Guernsey! The Touchdown was very hard.

Overall: I was impressed by the service on this flight. I have one comment. When we booked the flight it said it would take 1 hour and 20 minutes and we would get in at 19:20. Well, the pilot announced that we Would be 45 minutes early. That meant we sat around for a while waiting for our taxi when we got off the plane. How is that much of an early arrival even possible?

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