Airfrance Flight AF1548

A while ago I flew with Air France. From Paris CDG to Barcelona El Prat. The flight was pleasant but very crowded.

The food: Around half way through the flight we were served a chocolate chip cookie. This cookie was really really tasty. I like the fact that this was free but the did not really give us any other options on a menu that you could pay for. 

The aircraft: The aircraft I flew on was an Airbus A321 is was in great condition and had excellent air conditioning. The seats were fairly comfy and the legroom was average. 

The crew: The crew were friendly and worked great as a team.

The takeoff: The takeoff was performed well by the pilot.

The landing: The landing was very good with a soft touchdown, in fact I think this is the first flight I have reviewed that had a soft landing!

Overall: The service was great once i got on the aircraft but waiting at the gate they were not very helpful and we departed quite delayed.

Thank You For Reading!


My airbus a321

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