Good Bye Thomas Cook

Ahh, We loose yet another important british airline. First Monarch and now Thomas Cook. I have flown with Thomas Cook twice. The first time was back in 2015 when I flew with them from London Gatwick to Sharm El Sheikh In Egypt, and the second time from Birmingham to the horrible airport that is Grenoble in France.

Thomas cook was not just an airline. It was a travel company. In fact there is one near where I live. I used to walk past it and just look in to see the possible destinations I could go. Don’t know what will happen to it now. Probably just turn into yet another clothes shop.

It was 178 years ago that Thomas Cook first arrived on the scene. And now there gone.

Thomas cook will be missed. According to many travellers once the last flight landed all the crew started crying.

Thomas cook will be missed but for now there is just this message on the thomas cook website.

Goodbye Thomas Cook. I will keep the memories of getting to my holidays with you.

Thanks for reading.

Joel Travelino.

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