My Thoughts On The Flybe Rebrand


In this blog post I’m going to be talking about Flybe’s rebrand.

As you may be aware Flybe is becoming Virgin Connect and this kind of annoys me. Let me explain why.

  1. Flybe was an Iconic name in Britain and it makes me feel sad that it is just becoming another airline in the virgin company.
  2. They way they are going about it annoys me. In this BBC news report you can see what Mark Anderson (The chief executive of Connect Airways) syas “we are going to be focusing on becoming europe’s most loved regional airline.” This annoys me because they are not really becoming europe’s most loved regional airline they have bought an already loved regional airline.
  3. Virgin made a regional airline called Virgin Little Red in 2015, the airline failed which makes me think that they rebranded the airline because of their failed airline.

I will miss the iconic purple livery, but we will have to see if Virgin Connect makes the airline better or completley destroys it.

Flybe to rebrand as Virgin Connect

Thank You For Reading.

Joel Travelino.

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