Stormy Weather And High Winds Due to Cancel Flights At Heathrow

Hello All. I hope you are well.

I am currently back at the Renaissance Hotel at London Heathrow airport. I came here due to the high wind situation there will be tommorow.

But I have just found out that the high wind may be just too high.

60mph, that high.

Let me go through the current cancelations:

British Airways has been affected the most. They have cancelled up to 140 flights including nine long haul round trips!

This will effect around 5000 passengers!

Other airlines have cancelled there flights such as United, KLM, Aer Lingus, and many more. Resulting in at least 24K passengers getting stranded at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Image Credit:

Take a look at the wind forecast for this weekend above. The winds will be reaching as high as 59 knots, thats 67MPH! or 109KPH!

So its know dought that the traffic at heathrow will be limited, and the small amount of flights that do go ahead will probably look something like this (below)

Video Credit: Big Jet TV

Thank you for reading.

Joel, Travelino Blog.

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