Heathrow Airport Switches Runways Due to high winds!


As you know I am currently at the rennesiance hotel London Heathrow.

The rennesiance sits to the side of runway 27R at heathrow. What is meant happens at 15:00 and 6:00 is they change runways.

For example. If planes were landing 27R before 15:00 then they would switch to takeoffs at 15:00.

And before 6 they use both runways to land. So at 6:00. They change to the pre switch alternation.

Makes sense?

Well. Today is different. Today we have very high winds.

Heathrow Noise on twitter said theese comments.

So as you can see they are stating it is caused by hangars close to the end of 27R causing turbulence on landing.

I will keep you updated with anything that happens. But not much will happen between now (07:05) and when I leave (12:00)

Thank you for reading.

Joel, Travelino Blog

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